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Redding, CA

Singer, songwriter, beard grower.



About Matt


Hello there. My name is Matt and I'm a songwriter, worship leader and worship pastor at Portland Life Center in Portland, Maine.

I was raised in a farming town in southern Wisconsin. I started writing songs when I was a kid (they weren't very good) and continued doing so through high school and college, playing in various bands along the way (some of them also weren't very good). In 2011, I got involved with Bethel Music out of Redding, California. I've written a few songs that have been featured on some of their albums, like The Loft Sessions, For The Sake Of The World, Tides and We Will Not Be Shaken

I'm married to a beautiful girl from Boston named Carla. We got married in Massachusetts in June 2014 and have been insanely happy ever since. (If you're not married, I highly recommend it.) We lead worship together at Portland Life Center and travel together doing ministry whenever we can.