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Redding, CA

Singer, songwriter, beard grower.





Worship leader. Songwriter. Coach.

Welcome. My name is Matt and I'm a songwriter and worship leader based in Portland, Maine. I'm married to an incredible woman named Carla and we are worship pastors at our church, Portland Life Center.

I wrote my first song when I was a kid and I knew pretty quickly that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was "my thing" and I just knew it was going to take me places. I played in bands in high school and college and eventually ended up getting signed to a label. Still, I knew something was missing. 

Over the ensuing years, I began to realize the importance of using what you have to help others. I led worship on huge stages and recorded songs that were sung in churches around the world but those things, in and of themselves, never brought me fulfillment. True fulfillment has honestly only come as I've stopped using my knowledge and abilities for personal gain and started using them to equip and grow those around me. Because of that, I coach. If I can use what I've learned over the years to build confidence and passion in others, then that's what I want to do.