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The Songwriter’s Advocate Online School
November 11th - December 16th, 2019

The Songwriter’s Advocate Online School is a 6-week course geared to help you grow in your proficiency as a songwriter. These 75-minute classes will help you get out of your head and start writing.

This school is for serious songwriters. That does not mean you need to be an expert or really even all that experienced. You just need to be serious about wanting to grow in the art of songwriting. This class was designed to stretch you and make you a little uncomfortable because when we push past our insecurities we always find growth.

We will discuss a variety of subjects that songwriters need. These include unlocking creativity, theology in songwriting, capturing and refining ideas, co-writing, crafting stronger and more memorable lyrics, creating consistency in your songs, copyrighting, publishing and more. While this class is geared toward writing corporate worship songs, songwriters of all genres will find the content beneficial.

During these six weeks, you will be challenged both as a writer and as an individual. It’s my firm belief that songwriters are some of the most influential people in society and that their songs shape the lives of their listeners. It is my intent to not only help you become a better songwriter but also to help you understand the weight you carry as an influencer and how to yield that influence with responsibility.

In this school, you will be given weekly writing assignments (with due dates) that will be reviewed by your peers and school staff. In addition to the live class sessions, you will also be given access to a private Facebook group for the sake of writing, reviewing and collaborating with your classmates.

These classes will be held every Monday night at 7:30PM EST starting November 11th, 2019 and ending December 16th, 2019. Classes will be held via Zoom and connection instructions will be sent out to registrants ahead of our first session. While it is not beneficial to miss classes, all sessions will be recorded both for review and for catching up on what you may have missed.

So why learn from me? I’ve been writing songs for over 20 years. I wrote, recorded and toured with Bethel Music for several years and I’ve had my songs covered by great artists like Jeremy Riddle and Rita Springer. Through my career, I’ve learned from and have been mentored by some of the great songwriters of our day, like Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson and Jeremy Riddle. I know the struggles and frustrations that accompany the creative process very well but I also know what it takes to push through and write great songs.

I will be accepting a limited number of applicants to ensure the personal feel of the class is not compromised.


November 11th: Understanding Creativity
Topics: Self-criticism, comparison, growing in creativity, overcoming writer’s block, motivations of the songwriter

November 18th: Starting and Finishing A Song
Topics: Finding places to start, keeping track of ideas, finding inspiration, co-writing

November 25th: Building Consistency in Your Song
(Feat. Nathan Horst of SisterBrother, The Light The Heat and Life Center Worship)
Topics: Timing and meter, melody

December 2nd: Finding and Crafting Your Theme
Topics: Finding something unique to say, the functions of each section of a song, personal vs corporate themes

December 9th: The Responsibility of the Songwriter
Topics: Theology in songwriting, stewarding your influence, themes to avoid, telling your story through song

December 16th: Publishing Crash Course & Building Songwriting Communities
Topics: Registering and protecting your songs, publishers vs. self-publishing, copyrighting, songwriting splits, building a songwriting community

COST: $195 USD